Books instead of movies

In recent years, people have watched more and more TV, forgetting about the good old book which pages smell authentically and anciently. The global world of today makes more consumers than connoisseurs of imagination and reading mater.

sssr_Wallpaper_wiwwWell, I am from the second ones who still cannot live without a book. To be honest, me, myself and I are not able to fall asleep, to love or dream, to travel or just relax without the favorite pages. My preferred genre is definitely historical, illustrating the greatest heroes, heroism and undaunted spirit.
That`s why my latest literature choice was Spetsnaz Alpha – My Destiny by Gennady Zaitsev, published in Bulgaria by New Media Group and Svetlyo Kantardjiev. My Lord, amazing 550 pages! The author was a Major
General in the epic Russian Squad known all over the world. Zaitsev is absolutely breath-taking, reporting heroism of The Alpha Squad.
One thing is for sure, if I watched a movie about Russian special services, it would not impress me at all. According to my view, movies, series and TV are gray and boring. Books are the vital colors of the world!
So, be colorful, choose books instead movies, nourish your imagination!